Who we are

Our experience in implementation, integration and development gives as a huge advantage in working with Securonix Analytics Platform.

Cudo is a company with people from different backgrounds including IAM, AM, project management and web development.

Security is a passion with a great mixture of security and integration skills, that gives us a unique position and experience in making the best solution or our customers based upon the Securonix Platform. Our skills in understanding the customer’s requirements gives also quick return on investments for our customers, and a better cyber security.

About Cudo

What We Do

To ensure targeted focus and the right product portfolio, we have selected the best of products and solutions in the market for our customers. Our product partners also helps out, so we can deliver the best know how and expertise for our customers.

Cudo and its product partners are set up for delivery technology and support that will ” go the extra mile ” so our customer will be happy and confidents in both Product and service partner.

Our Objective

Our objective is to be a major security and service provider of Security solutions in the region, and together with our partners always provide solution to customers , to assist with security monitoring and behavioral analytics.

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